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Chef's specials

Taste our most rated specials

  • Teriyaki Salmon

    Grilled salmon teriyaki, avocado, rice, chickpeas, red cabbage, carrot, mesclun, carob nut, roasted sesame, coriander, chickpea crisp, lemon dressing & sesame lime ginger dressing(640-690 cal)

  • Saigon Bowl

     Rice noodles, grilled chicken, peppers, corn, coriander, spring onion, portobello mushrooms, spinach, roasted jalapeño sauce & sesame lime ginger vinaigrette (380-420 cal)

  • Crusty Chicken

    Roasted chicken, mixed rice, grilled porto bello mushrooms, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, mesclun, corn, spring onion, flaxseed, honey mustard dressing & avocado cashews dip(450-470 cal)

Outdoors-Local Green
The store-Local Green
Outdoors-Local Green
Indoors-Local Green
Our fresh ingredients-Local Green

About us

Casual green restaurant offering gourmet and custom salads, wraps and bowls from seasonal, farm-fresh, organic and locally grown ingredients. Devoted to creating and promoting a lifestyle focused around sustainable and delicious food, bringing a fresh take on what is traditionally considered “a salad”. Passionate about fresh ingredients.
We have always been committed to hygiene, cleanliness and customer safety as our highest priority when it comes to serving the fresh meals you love. Now, more than ever we can reassure you that we will continue doing the same. 

New flavors

We constantly create new flavors to always amaze you

  • At Local Green we offer a variety of energy bowls every day.Açaí or maybe pitaya?

  • Chicken, shrimp or mushroom?Choose a wrap that suits your appetite

  • A Curry Cauliflower Bowl, a Chickpea Avocado Salad or a Tangy Shrimp Bowl? There are plenty to choose from

  • Freshly made sandwiches with multigrain bread or our homemade Focaccia 

  • A healthy & refreshing beverage


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What to expect

Fine Ambiance

Enjoy a vibrant and welcoming ambiance where every guest will definitely feel at home.


We guaranty gracious hospitality from the time you step into our restaurant.

Great Experience

Our diversified menu ensures you will get the best dining experience, whatever your taste.

The space

The store-Local Green

The store




Perikleous 30-32, Athens

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OPEN: 11:30 - 19:30